Lil Mabu Age: Unveiling the Rising Star

Lil Mabu, conceived Matthew Peter Deluca on April 4, 2005, in New York City, is a 19-year-old American rapper known for his unmistakable combination of hip-jump, drill rap, and trap music. He previously acquired huge consideration with his presentation single “Man Down” in 2019 and has since kept on building his standing with hits like “Miss Me,” “Numerical Lack of regard,” and “No Squealing.” In spite of his young age, Lil Mabu has proactively had a significant effect in the music business, working together with outstanding specialists and adjusting his blossoming music profession with his scholarly interests at Emory College.

Who is Lil Babu

Lil Babu is an error or disarray with another name, yet in the event that you implied Lil Mabu, he is a youthful American rapper and musician conceived Matthew Peter Deluca on April 4, 2005, in New York City. Lil Mabu earned respect for his remarkable mix of hip-jump, drill rap, and trap music, with famous tracks like “Miss Me,” “Numerical Disregard,” and “No Squealing.” Known for his unmistakable sound and fast ascent in the music business, he has teamed up with different powerful specialists while chasing after his examinations at Emory College.

Lil Babu Early Life 

Birth and Family

Lil Mabu was brought into the world on April 4, 2005, in New York City, New York, US. He experienced childhood in a blended identity family, with his dad, Peter DeLuca, functioning as a burial service chief, and his mom, Jane, who stays less plugged. Lil Mabu has two kin: a more established sister named Alyssa and a late sibling named Peter Craig, who unfortunately died in a structure breakdown episode.

Lil Babu Education

Lil Mabu finished his secondary school training at University School, a tip top confidential establishment in Manhattan, in 2023. He is presently seeking after additional examinations at Emory College in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. In spite of his thriving music vocation, Lil Mabu stays focused on his scholarly undertakings, exhibiting a harmony among training and his energy for music.

Lil Babu Career


Early Starting points

Lil Mabu started his music profession at 14 years old, delivering his presentation single “Man Down” on Spotify in December 2019. This track set up for his future in the music business, displaying his ability and one of a kind sound. Over the course of the following couple of years, he delivered a few remarkable tracks, including “Terrible,” “Lord of the World,” and the breakout single “Miss Me.”

Ascend to Popularity

The rapper acquired huge consideration in 2020 with the arrival of “Miss Me,” which was trailed by different hits, for example, “Numerical Disregard,” “Move It,” “Devil Time,” and “Rich Researcher.” His music, described by a mix of serious beats and intelligent verses, resounded with a wide crowd, pushing him to notoriety.

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Mixtape and Joint efforts

On June 30, 2022, Lil Mabu delivered his presentation mixtape, “Twofold M’s,” highlighting seven tracks, including the famous tune “No Squealing.” In 2023, his melody “Numerical Lack of respect” turned into a critical achievement in his profession, further laying out his presence in the rap business. He has likewise worked together with powerful craftsmen, for example, Dusty Locane, Dougie B, and Sha Ek, improving his standing and extending his melodic organization.

Lil Babu Personal Life


Relationship Status

Lil Mabu is as of now in a heartfelt connection with Chrisean Rock, an American rapper and unscripted tv character known for her appearance in the Zeus reality series “Baddies.” The couple purportedly started dating in October 2023, and their relationship has been a subject of interest among fans.

Actual Characteristics

The rising star remains at 5 feet 10 inches (178 centimeters) and weighs around 163 pounds (74 kilograms). He is known for his dim earthy colored hair and striking green eyes, adding to his particular public persona.

Lil Babu Net Worth


Starting around 2023, Lil Mabu has an expected total assets of $1 million. His essential kind of revenue is his flourishing music vocation, which incorporates profit from music deals, streaming, and exhibitions.

Lil Babu Social Media


Lil Mabu keeps a functioning presence via web-based entertainment stages, where he draws in with his fans and offers refreshes about his music and individual life. He can be found on Instagram and X (previously Twitter) under the handle @lilmabu.


Who is Lil Mabu?

Lil Mabu, whose real name is Matthew Peter Deluca, is a 19-year-old American rapper and songwriter from New York City. He is known for his unique blend of hip-hop, drill rap, and trap music.

How old is Lil Mabu?

Lil Mabu is 19 years old. He was born on April 4, 2005.

What are some of Lil Mabu’s popular songs?

Lil Mabu has released several popular tracks, including “Miss Me,” “Mathematical Disrespect,” “No Snitching,” “Move It,” and “Demon Time.”

When did Lil Mabu start his music career?

Lil Mabu began his music career in 2019 at the age of 14, releasing his debut single “Man Down” on Spotify.

Where is Lil Mabu from?

Lil Mabu is from New York City, New York, United States. He currently resides in Manhattan.


Lil Mabu’s journey from a young aspiring rapper to a recognized name in the music industry is a testament to his talent and determination. With a unique sound and a growing fan base, he continues to make significant strides in his career. As he balances his education and music, Lil Mabu remains an inspiring figure for many young artists. His story is one of passion, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of dreams.

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