Matt Rife Net Worth: The Extraordinary Journey from Small-Town Beginnings to Global Stardom

Matt Rife is an American entertainer, entertainer, and TikTok star with a total assets of $30 million. He earned critical respect through his self-created parody specials “Just Fans,” “Matthew Steven Rife,” and “Strolling Warning.” Prior to laying down a good foundation for himself as a professional comedian, Rife contended on the NBC reality satire rivalry show “Bring the Entertaining” in 2019. His flexibility stretches out to film, with prominent appearances in motion pictures like “Dark Pumpkin,” “The Lift,” “Simply Swipe,” and “More than the 10.”

Matt Rife Early Life 

Matthew Steven Rife, referred to generally as Matt Rife, was brought into the world on September 10, 1995, in Columbus, Ohio. Brought up in the curious town of North Lewisburg, Ohio, Rife’s initial life was set apart by private misfortune and strength. At simply 18 months old, he lost his dad, Michael, to self destruction — a staggering occasion that molded his early stages. Regardless of the personal difficulties, Rife tracked down comfort and articulation in parody. At the youthful age of 14, he acted in his secondary school’s ability show, touching off an energy for parody that would characterize his vocation. This essential second denoted the start of an excursion that would see him ascend from a humble community entertainer to a commended comic and entertainer.

Matt Rife TV Appearances


Introductory Introductions to TV

Matt Rife’s TV profession started in 2014 with a job in “Regular person,” where he played Danny in three episodes. This underlying openness to the broadcast business prepared for ensuing open doors. In 2015, Rife handled a common job on the Disney XD series “Gamer’s Manual for Basically Everything.” His presentation on this show featured his regular comedic ability and flexibility as an entertainer.

Forward leap on MTV

Rife’s large break accompanied his repetitive appearances on the MTV sketch parody and comedy game show “Wild ‘n Out,” which he joined in 2015. His speedy mind and connecting with stage presence made him a champion entertainer on the show. In 2016, he extended his TV qualifications with a job in “WTH: Welcome to Howler,” depicting Jesse in seven episodes.

Facilitating and Unscripted television

In 2017, Rife’s profession took one more jump forward when he was decided to have the reboot of MTV’s famous program “Complete Solicitation Live.” His mystique and capacity to interface with crowds were clear as he explored the prominent facilitating obligations. That very year, he contended on MTV’s “The Test: Winners versus Stars,” further displaying his flexibility and serious soul.

Proceeded with Progress and Different Jobs

Rife’s TV profession kept on thriving with various jobs. In 2019, he showed up as Brandon Rapture in an episode of the acclaimed police procedural parody series “Brooklyn Nine.” He likewise featured in the TV film “Followed by My PCP: A Sleepwalker’s Bad dream” and contended on NBC’s existence satire rivalry show “Bring the Entertaining,” where he progressed to the semi-last grandstand.

In 2020, Rife made a visitor appearance in the last time of ABC’s sitcom “New Off the Boat.” His presentation was generally welcomed, adding one more outstanding credit to his developing rundown of TV appearances. The next year, he featured inverse Juhahn Jones in the Amazon Prime Video series “Burb Watch,” further exhibiting his capacity to handle different jobs across different sorts.

Stand-up Satire Specials


Early Stand-up Profession

Matt Rife’s process in stand-up satire started when he was only 15 years of age. Performing at different clubs and occasions, he sharpened his art and fostered a novel comedic voice. His initial encounters on the stand-up circuit laid the foundation for an effective profession in parody.

Forward leap with “Bring the Funny”

Rife’s support in NBC’s “Bring the Funny” in 2019 was a huge achievement in his stand-up profession. Contending with the absolute best anticipated entertainers, he came to the semi-last feature, earning inescapable respect for his comedic ability. This openness moved him into the public spotlight and opened up new open doors for his parody vocation.

Self-Delivered Specials

Benefiting from his developing ubiquity,Rife self-created his most memorable stand-up satire exceptional, “Just Fans,” in 2021. This extraordinary displayed his comedic reach and capacity to draw in crowds with appealing humor and sharp mind. The progress of “Just Fans” prompted the arrival of two additional specials in 2023: “Matthew Steven Rife,” delivered on Valentine’s Day, and “Strolling Warning,” delivered in June. The two specials got basic recognition and hardened Rife’s standing as one of the main voices in contemporary satire.

Matt Rife Personal Life


Matt Rife dwells in Los Angeles, California. In spite of his bustling vocation, he has been open about his own life and battles. Rife had a short relationship with English entertainer Kate Beckinsale, which gathered huge media consideration. Notwithstanding, he has generally stayed single, refering to his requesting plan as a variable that keeps him zeroed in on his profession.

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Matt Rife Movie Career

Early Film Jobs


Rife’s movie vocation started in 2015 with his presentation in “Room 236.” While the film didn’t make significant business progress, it gave Rife important experience and openness. In 2017, he showed up in the short film “Sophomore Year,” trailed by jobs in the thriller “Dark Pumpkin” and the short film “The Obligation” in 2018.

Extending Filmography

Rife kept on building his filmography with a progression of jobs in both short and full length films. In 2019, he showed up in the short film “American Pigeonhole.” His movie profession saw a huge lift in 2021 with jobs in four movies: the Coronavirus collection film “After Covers,” the spine chiller “The Lift,” the thriller “Demise Connection,” and the rom-com “Simply Swipe.”

Significant Film Activities

In mid 2022, Rife featured in the BET+ dramedy film “More than the 10,” playing one of five companions looking to become viral video sensations in Chicago. This job exhibited his acting flexibility and capacity to explore complex characters. That very year, he showed up in the thriller “Wolf Mountain,” close by striking entertainers, for example, Tobin Ringer, Danny Trejo, and Keli Cost.

Rife’s other eminent film credits incorporate “Karma’s a Bitch,” “Treats Flip,” “Caught Motel,” “Don’t Suck,” and “The Detective.” These different jobs have permitted him to exhibit his reach as an entertainer, adding to his developing standing in the entertainment world.

Matt Rife TikTok Fame

Ascend to Acclaim on TikTok


Notwithstanding his progress in conventional media, Matt Rife has turned into a critical figure on TikTok. Utilizing the stage to share clasps of his stand-up exhibitions, Rife has amassed more than 17 million devotees. His drawing in happy and engaging humor have made him a number one among TikTok clients, assisting him with contacting a worldwide crowd and further enhancing his comedic reach.

Influence on Vocation

Rife’s presence on TikTok has expanded his fanbase as well as given new open doors to coordinated efforts and sponsorships. His capacity to associate with a more youthful segment through online entertainment has shown to be an important resource in his vocation, improving his perceivability and impact in media outlets.


Matt Rife’s comedic style and vocation have been formed by a scope of impacts. He refers to Ricky Gervais and Dave Chappelle as his essential comedic motivations, appreciating their capacity to handle complex social issues with humor and understanding. Rife additionally draws motivation from satire legends, for example, Adam Sandler, Robin Williams, David Spade, and Jim Carrey. These impacts are clear in his comedic approach, which mixes sharp observational humor with an engaging, practical conveyance.

Psychological Well-being and Promotion

Rife has been sincere about his battles with gloom and nervousness, points he tends to in his parody extraordinary “Just Fans.” His straightforwardness about his psychological wellness challenges has reverberated with a significant number of his fans, gaining him esteem and appreciation for his eagerness to examine these significant issues. Rife’s backing for psychological wellness mindfulness is a vital piece of his public persona, and he keeps on utilizing his foundation to advance comprehension and backing for those confronting comparable difficulties.


Who is Matt Rife?

Matt Rife is an American comedian, actor, and TikTok star. He is known for his stand-up comedy specials, television appearances, and popular social media presence.

What is Matt Rife net worth?

Matt Rife’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million.

What comedy specials has Matt Rife released?

Matt Rife has released several self-produced comedy specials, including “Only Fans,” “Matthew Steven Rife,” and “Walking Red Flag.”

On which reality show did Matt Rife compete?

In 2019, Matt Rife competed on the NBC reality comedy competition show “Bring the Funny.”

What films has Matt Rife appeared in?

Matt Rife has appeared in several films, including “Black Pumpkin,” “The Elevator,” “Just Swipe,” and “North of the 10.”


Matt Rife journey from a small-town Ohio boy to a renowned comedian, actor, and social media star is a testament to his talent, resilience, and hard work. Despite facing personal tragedies early in life, Rife channeled his experiences into a successful career in entertainment. His self-produced comedy specials, notable television and film roles, and significant presence on TikTok have made him a multifaceted entertainer with a broad and loyal fan base.

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