Unveiling the Top Saree Designs for this Festive Season 

It’s safe to say that every girl may have imagined themselves as the main character in a Bollywood song dancing in the mountains upon the thought of wearing a saree. Or are we the only weird ones here. Or are you one of those who get scared out of their heads thinking they may not be able to pull off the perfect drape? Whichever group you fall into, one thing stays clear; your love or sarees nonetheless! So, if that best friend’s dholki or your cousin’s valima is coming up, it’s time to take out that Maria B saree and steal the spotlight! This blog has already got the inside scoop for you on all the trending designs. So, let go of your drape worries and read on. 

Silk Sarees 

Silk sarees have a special charm that beautifully combines tradition and elegance. This festive season, go for a classic silk saree in bold colors like red, green, or blue. These sarees exude elegance and are perfect for formal gatherings and traditional celebrations. Pair them with delicate gold jewelry to complete the look and add a touch of regal charm. 

Banarasi Sarees 

Banarasi sarees, from the city of Banaras, are famous for their luxurious designs and detailed craftsmanship. Made from rich silk and decorated with intricate zari work and elegant motifs inspired by Mughal art, these sarees are truly special. For a regal look, choose a Banarasi saree with detailed brocade work and floral patterns. Pair it with bold jewelry and style your hair in a sleek bun with fresh flowers to achieve a timeless, elegant appearance. 

Chiffon Sarees 

These sarees combine comfort and style, making them great for the festive season. They’re lightweight and drape beautifully, giving off an easy, graceful charm. Choose pastel colors like powder blue, soft pink, or mint green with delicate details for a modern yet traditional look. Pair them with simple jewelry and soft, natural makeup for a stunning, head-turning appearance. 

Georgette Sarees 

Georgette sarees blend tradition with a modern touch, offering both style and comfort. These sarees are loved by Pakistani women for their lightness, gentle shine, and elegant fall. Opt for georgette sarees in lively colors like mustard yellow, deep wine, or rich plum. Seek out ones with delicate embroidery or sequin details for added charm. Complete your look with striking earrings and a chic clutch for a contemporary and classy appearance, perfect for celebrations. 

Organza Sarees 

Organza sarees are just right for today’s Pakistani woman because they bring out elegance and class. These sarees are famous for their light, sheer material, slight shine, and detailed embroidery, all working together to make a stunning impression. For a contemporary touch, choose an organza saree in gentle shades such as pale purple, soft pink, or light blue. Look for ones adorned with detailed flower patterns or geometric shapes. Complete your outfit with delicate jewelry and a neat hairstyle for a chic and classy appearance without much effort. 

Contemporary Designer Sarees 

Modern designer sarees blend tradition with innovation, perfect for those who love style. You’ll discover sarees with new styles, creative draping, and inventive decorations. Choices include fusion sarees paired with cape blouses or pre-draped sarees with modern cuts. Play around with bright colors, fun prints, and unusual fabrics to craft your unique fashion look. 

Kanjeevaram Sarees 

Kanjeevaram sarees, also known as Kanchipuram sarees, are celebrated for their luxurious silk, vibrant colors, and intricate gold designs. Originating from Kanchipuram in South India, they’re ideal for celebrations. These sarees boast rich colors, detailed gold borders, and intricate designs featuring peacocks, temples, and geometric patterns. Opt for deep jewel tones like ruby red, royal blue, or emerald green paired with elaborate gold work for a majestic appearance. Pair it with traditional gold jewelry and a classic bun decorated with fresh jasmine flowers to embrace South Indian elegance. 

Artistic Handloom Sarees 

Handloom sarees represent more than just clothing. They embody love, skill, and tradition. Discover the beauty of handwoven sarees, reflecting our rich heritage. Each saree has its own story to tell. From the intricate weaves of West Bengal to the vibrant patterns of Telangana. Opt for handwoven sarees with detailed designs for a classy, traditional appearance. Let your outfit showcase the artistry and skill of local weavers. 


As the wedding season comes closer, get into the spirit by wearing sarees! These sarees are classic and beautiful, rich with tradition. You can find silk, Banarasi, chiffon, georgette, organza, or Kanjeevaram sarees to suit any occasion. 

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