Step-by-Step: How to Paint a Room with a Paint Sprayer 

An airless paint sprayer is one of the fastest ways to paint a room. Any room in the house can have a completely new look in a fraction of the time it would take to paint it by hand using a roller or brush with a Graco sprayer. Numerous interior and exterior chores can be completed with Graco paint sprayers.

Exercise caution, remain vigilant, and be aware of potential hazards whenever using spray equipment. Put on safety gear such as respirators, dust masks, gloves, safety glasses or goggles, hats, and spray socks (hoods). Verify that there is enough ventilation. Turn off the appliances if you want to paint near them. Before operating any spray equipment, familiarize yourself with its unique instructions and safety protocols.


Here are different Titan sprayer parts.

  • To compare models, go to the Paint Sprayer category page and choose from Graco, Magnum, or TrueCoat.
  • Apply paint
  • Spray tips: Use a narrow 6- or 8-inch spray fan for optimal results.
  • Two empty buckets are required for cleanup and priming the sprayer.
  • Stir sticks
  • Paint strainer bag: improves the finish and helps avoid tip plugs
  • Drop cloths, tarps, or plastic sheeting
  • Tape for masking
  • A paintbrush for minor repairs
  • A magnum tip extension is an extra feature for difficult-to-reach places where a ladder would otherwise be needed.
  • Optional pressure roller kit
  • If necessary, add more pieces of airless hose.
  • Spray shield Pump Armor storage fluid (for specifics on the pump protectant product)
  • cloths for cleaning
  • Firm nylon brushes for cleaning


  • Try to remove as much of the furnishings from the space as you can. Any furniture that is left should be moved to the middle of the space and covered entirely. Make sure your tools and equipment have enough room.
  • Everything you don’t want paint on should be covered. Put protective paper and masking tape over and around windows, doors, and trim.
  • After shutting off the room’s electricity, take the cover plates off of all switches, outlets, and light fixtures. Take off the covers of your air conditioner and heater. Cover the remaining outlets and switches with masking tape.
  • Fill up all of the screw and nail holes using spackling compound and a putty knife. Sand any rough spots after they’ve dried.


For excellent results and time savings, utilize a Graco Pressure Roller Kit if you’re working in a limited space or would prefer not to spray. These tips are also applicable to Titan 440i parts.

  • Choose the spray tip that works best for both the surface that has to be sprayed and the paint you are applying. Make sure that the sprayer’s maximum capacity is not exceeded by the tip’s hole size (see spray tip details). To achieve uniform color even if there are slight color variations between individual paint cans, combine paint from various containers in an empty 5-gallon container.
  • Make your way down the room starting at the top. Only go as far as is comfortable for you when working in portions. First, spray the outside edges, “bandaging” the area to be sprayed and rounding any corners. When spraying within corners, make sure the tip overlaps both sides by pointing it directly into the corner.
  • Use overlapping strokes to spray the remaining flat areas after cutting in around windows and doors. Spray down the walls repeatedly, overlapping by about 50% and pointing the spray tip at the edge of the preceding pass.


  • Give the paint plenty of time to dry before removing the tape from your trim. Sharp, tidy lines will be the outcome of this.
  • Take off all furniture and other coverings.
  • After removing any lighting fixtures, put the furniture and other items back in their original locations.
  • After every usage, clean your airless paint sprayer. Use the bucket method of cleaning, if appropriate, or follow the instructions in your user’s manual for Power Flush cleaning using water-based materials. See the Power Flush Video or consult your Sprayer Operation Manual for additional details.
  • Place back any furniture or other objects.

Paint Gun Method

Lightly squeeze the trigger, to begin with the gun’s air coming out of the project. Make sure the paint gun is perpendicular to the work—straight up and down, not angled—with the barrel 6 inches above the surface.

Then, to release the paint, completely depress the trigger as you approach the edge. Reduce the pressure as you exit the opposite edge so that the paint sprayer is once more simply emitting air. To achieve uniform coverage, repeat the process, spraying in the opposite direction and overlapping the previous pass by 50%.


One-direction spraying is the most effective approach to achieve excellent paint coverage. Next, rotate both the object and yourself 90 degrees and paint the opposite direction as previously mentioned. To avoid having to adjust your posture, a turntable is useful in this situation. To see all of these concepts shown and discussed in real-time, make sure to watch the video at the beginning of this instructable. 

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