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Richard Rawlings, an American vehicle developer, crosscountry racer, business visionary, and unscripted tv character, net worth $18 million. He rose to popularity as the star of the hit unscripted television show “Quick N’ Boisterous” and as the proprietor of Gas Monkey Carport. Past his carport realm, Rawlings likewise possesses Gas Monkey Bar N’ Barbecue and Gas Monkey Unrecorded music scenes situated in Dallas, Texas. His endeavors feature his adoration for vehicles as well as his skill for transforming energy into effective organizations.

Richard Rawlings Bio

Net Worth$18 Million.
Real NameRichard Ray Rawlings
Birth PlaceFort Worth, Texas, United States.
Date Of BirthMarch 30, 1969.
Age53 years old.
Zodiac SignAries.
Height82 kg.

Who is Richard Rawlings?


Richard Rawlings, brought into the world on Walk 30, 1969, is an American business visionary whose total assets has caught critical consideration. In the present big name driven world, individuals are progressively inquisitive about the monetary parts of their number one stars’ lives, and Rawlings’ bright profession has certainly aroused curiosity. We should dive into the narrative of Richard Rawlings and investigate the fascinating subtleties of his total assets.

Richard Rawlings Early Life

Richard Rawlings was brought into the world on Walk 30, 1969, in Stronghold Worth, Texas. Growing up, he imparted an exceptional cling to his father over vehicles. They frequently went to car exhibitions together, and Richard enthusiastically assisted his dad with vehicle projects. His interest with vehicles started very early in life, and it didn’t take long for him to jump into the universe of trading vehicles.

At only 14 years of age, Richard bought his most memorable vehicle, a green 1974 Mercury Comet. Despite the fact that he couldn’t legitimately drive it yet, his innovative soul was at that point clear. When he turned 16 and got his driver’s permit, he had previously flipped a few vehicles for benefit. His initial encounters in the car world established the groundwork for his future undertakings.

Richard Rawlings Education

Richard Rawlings, referred to for his job as the alluring host of “Quick N’ Boisterous” and as the organizer behind Gas Monkey Carport, began his excursion in the realm of vehicles at Eastern Slopes Secondary School in Stronghold Worth, Texas. While his instructive excursion past secondary school isn’t broadly reported, Rawlings’ initial interest with vehicles laid the basis for his amazing vocation.

Indeed, even as a youthful understudy, Rawlings showed a strong fascination with vehicles and mechanics. He was many times found fiddling with motors and learning the intricate details of different vehicles. His time at Eastern Slopes Secondary School gave him a strong groundwork, however it was his obsession for vehicles that genuinely shown him his way.

Richard Rawlings Age


Richard Rawlings, brought into the world on Walk 30, 1969, is a 53-year-old American business person who has amassed an enormous following of fans. Past his undertakings, many individuals are interested about Richard Rawlings’ level. He remains at 6 feet 1 inch tall, a height that suits his dynamic character and telling presence.

Richard Rawlings Personal Life


Richard Rawlings’ own life has seen its portion of highs and lows. In 1990, he sealed the deal with Karen Grames, yet the marriage didn’t keep going long, sadly, and they separated from the next year. Be that as it may, love found its direction back to Rawlings when he wedded Suzanne Marie Mergele in 1999.

Their marriage persevered for 10 years, yet in 2009, Rawlings and Suzanne chose to head out in different directions. Regardless of their separation, destiny appeared to have different designs for them. In an astounding development, the couple revived their sentiment and remarried in 2015. It was a confident part in Rawlings’ affection life, showing that occasionally fresh opportunities truly do go along.

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Richard Rawlings Height & Weight

Richard Rawlings, the refined American business visionary, entered this world on Walk 30, 1969. With his astounding vocation, he has made progress as well as amassed extensive abundance. Remaining at 185 cm tall and weighing 82 kg, Rawlings has an ordering presence that matches his dynamic character.

Rawlings’ excursion to progress is one set apart by difficult work, assurance, and an enthusiasm for what he does. From his initial days dabbling with vehicles to turning into a commonly recognized name in the car business, his story is one of motivation.

Richard Rawlings Family


Richard Rawlings imparts a merry union with Kortney, a skilled wedding organizer and inside planner. Together, they’ve constructed a warm and cherishing home in Texas where they dwell with their youngsters, Tyler and Landon. The Rawlings family, alongside their dearest pet canine Smokey, partake in an affectionate bond loaded up with giggling and love.

Richard and Kortney’s process together is a demonstration of their profound love and obligation to one another. Through the high points and low points of life, they’ve stayed unfaltering accomplices, supporting and valuing each other constantly. Their relationship is a wonderful illustration of affection, flexibility, and the delight of building an agreeable family.

As guardians, Richard and Kortney focus on their youngsters’ satisfaction and prosperity. Tyler and Landon are brought up in a supporting climate loaded up with adoration, consolation, and a lot of tomfoolery undertakings. Whether it’s investigating the outside, playing sports, or basically getting to know each other at home, the Rawlings family embraces each second with warmth and excitement.

Richard Rawlings Career


Richard Rawlings’ excursion from cop to car investor is a demonstration of the influence of energy and assurance. In 2002, filled by his profound love for vehicles, Rawlings established Gas Monkey Carport in Dallas, Texas. This notable dragster organization works in reestablishing and changing old fashioned vehicles, and it immediately turned into a force to be reckoned with in the business, creating a huge number of dollars in income.

Rawlings’ choice to make Gas Monkey Carport originated from his deep rooted interest with vehicles. As a genuine vehicle lover, he saw a chance to transform his enthusiasm into a flourishing business. With his sharp eye for quality and his assurance to succeed, Rawlings changed Gas Monkey Carport into quite possibly of the most prestigious name in the auto world.

The outcome of Gas Monkey Carport shot Rawlings into the spotlight and made ready for his TV profession. Everything began with a visitor appearance on the show “Dallas Vehicle Sharks,” where Rawlings exhibited his mastery and magnetism. His attractive character and business wise grabbed the eye of TV chiefs, prompting a pivotal open door.

Ricard Rawlings Car Collection

Richard Rawlings’ enthusiasm for vehicles runs profound, and his way to deal with building his assortment is however special as it very well might find success. Rather than searching out perfect, expensive vehicles, Rawlings decides on a more offbeat methodology: he chases after deserted or harmed vehicles that others could neglect. With a sharp eye for potential and a dream for reclamation, Rawlings and his gifted group at Gas Monkey Carport do something amazing, changing these dismissed vehicles into car show-stoppers.

Every vehicle that goes through Gas Monkey Carport goes through a fastidious rebuilding process, where everything about painstakingly thought of and created flawlessly. From motor moves up to custom paint occupations, Rawlings and his group go all out in guaranteeing that every vehicle fulfills their demanding guidelines.

Richard Rawlings Legacy in Racing

Richard Rawlings’ adoration for vehicles goes past business; he’s additionally profoundly energetic about cross-country dashing. One of his most amazing accomplishments was establishing the worldwide best for the Cannonball Run. This unbelievable race saw Rawlings driving from New York to Los Angeles in a marvelous season of just shy of 32 hours, averaging a mind blowing rate of 87.6 miles each hour. An accomplishment requires expertise in the driver’s seat as well as essential preparation and nerves of steel.

In any case, that is not by any means the only plume in Rawlings’ dashing cap. He’s additionally vanquished the Gumball 3000 and The Bullrun, not once, yet entirely two times each. These overwhelming races range large number of miles across various nations, testing both the perseverance of the drivers and the presentation of their vehicles. Rawlings’ triumphs in these renowned races set his status as one of the top names in the realm of cross-country dashing.

Richard Rawlings Cannonball Run


Richard Rawlings and his co-pilot Dennis Collins stood out as truly newsworthy when they allegedly beat the 1979 Cannonball Run record for the New York to Los Angeles course. In 2007, they finished the exhausting excursion in a shocking 31 hours and 59 minutes, shaving off close to 60 minutes from the past record. It was a unimaginable accomplishment that displayed their ability and assurance in the driver’s seat.

Richard Rawlings Reality Show: “Garage Rehab”

Aside from his job in “Quick N’ Uproarious,” Richard Rawlings co-has Revelation Channel’s “Carport Recovery.” This show exhibits Rawlings’ skill as he loans his hand to battling vehicle shops, assisting them with turning their organizations around. It’s not just about fixing vehicles for Rawlings; it’s tied in with assisting individuals with prevailing in their energy.

Rawlings’ prosperity isn’t restricted to TV. He’s additionally taken critical steps in different endeavors. From possessing regarded music settings to composing smash hit journals, sending off a caffeinated drink line, and taking on co-facilitating obligations, Rawlings has fabricated a corporate domain that stretches out a long ways past the car world.

His music scenes have become areas of interest in Dallas, drawing in the two local people and vacationers with their energetic environment and live amusement. In the interim, his diaries offer bits of knowledge into his life and encounters, motivating perusers with stories of tirelessness and achievement.

Richard Rawlings Successes

  • Richard Rawlings has taken Gas Monkey past the carport and television screens. Local people and travelers the same run to Dallas’ Gas Monkey Bar N’ Barbecue and its subsequent area in Key West. These spots offer extraordinary food and beverages as well as a dynamic climate that exemplifies the Gas Monkey soul. Furthermore, Dallas’ Gas Monkey Live has turned into a go-to unrecorded music scene, facilitating a different scope of groups and entertainers.
  • Richard Rawlings’ profession is studded with accomplishments, particularly in the car business. Gas Monkey Carport, under his administration, has become inseparable from notable auto reclamation and customization. The carport’s work with dashing legends like Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart, and auto lover Dennis Collins has cemented its standing as a head objective for vehicle devotees.
  • Rawlings’ Disclosure Channel show “Quick N’ Boisterous” has been a monstrous hit, partaking in various restorations throughout the long term. The show’s ubiquity has not just carried Rawlings into the homes of millions yet additionally established his status as a commonly recognized name in the car world.
  • Through Gas Monkey Carport and “Quick N’ Uproarious,” Richard Rawlings has turned into a main thrust in the auto business. His energy for vehicles, combined with his innovative soul, has moved him to incredible levels. Also, as he keeps on extending his realm and influence the auto world, it’s impossible to tell what invigorating endeavors he’ll set out on straightaway.

Richard Rawlings Social Media

Richard Rawlings partakes in a huge presence via virtual entertainment, which mirrors his far and wide prominence. With more than 3 million supporters on Instagram, he consistently shares looks at his life and his energy for vehicles, keeping fans drew in with his most recent experiences.

On YouTube, Rawlings’ channel “Gas Monkey Carport” flaunts an amazing 1.27 million supporters. Fans enthusiastically anticipate the novel substance he transfers, from in the background sees Gas Monkey Carport tasks to exciting vehicle constructs and reclamations.

Rawlings additionally keeps a functioning presence on Twitter, where he has amassed 339.1k devotees. Through tweets and connections, he stretches out his scope to admirers across different web-based networks, sharing updates, experiences, and drawing in with fans.


  • Richard Rawlings is a successful American entrepreneur born on March 30, 1969.
  • He attended Eastern Hills High School in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Rawlings is best known as the star of the reality TV show “Fast N’ Loud” on the Discovery Channel.
  • He founded Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, Texas, in 2002, which quickly became a multimillion-dollar business specializing in restoring and modifying antique automobiles.
  • Beyond “Fast N’ Loud,” Rawlings also co-hosts the Discovery Channel show “Garage Rehab,” where he helps failing car shops turn their businesses around.
  • Rawlings’ empire extends beyond television; he owns Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill in Dallas and a second location in Key West, as well as Gas Monkey Live, a popular live music venue.
  • Gas Monkey Garage has collaborated with racing legends such as Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart, and Dennis Collins.
  • Rawlings’ Cannonball Run record, driving from New York to Los Angeles in just under 32 hours, remains a highlight of his racing career, despite controversy over the stated distance and time.


Who is Richard Rawlings?

Richard Rawlings is an American entrepreneur, television personality, and car enthusiast. He is best known as the star of the reality TV show “Fast N’ Loud” on the Discovery Channel and the founder of Gas Monkey Garage, a renowned hot rod shop in Dallas, Texas.

When was Richard Rawlings born?

Richard Rawlings was born on March 30, 1969.

Where did Richard Rawlings go to school?

Rawlings attended Eastern Hills High School in Fort Worth, Texas.

What is Gas Monkey Garage?

Gas Monkey Garage is an automotive restoration and customization shop founded by Richard Rawlings in 2002. It gained fame through the television show “Fast N’ Loud” and is known for its high-quality work on classic cars.

What is “Fast N’ Loud”?

“Fast N’ Loud” is a reality television show that follows Richard Rawlings and his team at Gas Monkey Garage as they search for and restore classic cars to sell for profit. The show has been airing on the Discovery Channel since 2012 and has garnered a large fan base.


Richard Rawlings stands as a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and entrepreneurial spirit. From his humble beginnings attending Eastern Hills High School in Fort Worth, Texas, to becoming a household name in the automotive industry, Rawlings has carved out an extraordinary career filled with achievements and adventures.

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