Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

An exciting journey awaits you north of the city, Kathmandu, deep in the Himalayas: the Manaslu Circuit Trek. It’s not just about the breathtaking vistas; price is also a factor. In this piece, we examine the appeal of this hike and provide a popular query: what is the price of the Manaslu Circuit Trek? Come with me as we explore the exciting journey that lies ahead!

The Manaslu Circuit Trek offers you the chance to push yourself and experience the pristine side of this stunning nation, Nepal, in a way that is distinct from other standard treks.
Growing in popularity as the finest substitute for the equally well-known and iconic Annapurna Circuit trip is the Manaslu Circuit trip.

A growing number of adventure seekers and hikers from all over the world are drawn to the Manaslu Circuit walking circuit because of its isolation, unspoiled culture, secluded settlements, and unspoiled surroundings.
You can take advantage of the less congested setting and the ideal fusion of distinctive nature, culture, people, and terrain during the Manaslu Circuit trip.

Prior to starting your hike, you should gather information about the route, make a packing list, and—most importantly—assess the expense of your Manaslu Circuit Trek.
This post will provide you advice on how much to budget for the amazing Manaslu Circuit hike and how much it will cost.

The good news is that the cost of the Manaslu Circuit trip is less than what many had anticipated.

You will have a clear understanding of how much money to allocate for your Manaslu Circuit trek by the time you finish reading this essay.
Everything you need to know about the expense of the Manaslu Circuit trip is broken down here:

Cost of Trekking Permits on Manaslu Circuit trek

The region has been designated as a restricted trekking area by the Nepali government in order to protect its distinctive culture and scenic beauty.  Therefore, utilizing an approved local trekking service, hikers must apply for specific permits provided by the Nepali government.

For entry into and trekking within the Manaslu region, you need one of four types of trekking permits:

Restricted area permit for Manaslu:

The cost of the permit varies depending on the month you plan to trek and how long you plan to stay in the Manaslu area. The cost to visit the Manalsu region’s restricted area between September and November is USD 100 for the first week per person and an additional USD 15 for each consecutive day. Therefore, a 7-day permit costs USD 100, whereas a 10-day pass costs USD 145 (100 for 7 days plus 45 for an extra 3 days).

However, if you choose to go during the remaining months, the price per person for the first week will be $75, plus an additional $10 per day. For instance, a ten-day pass costs USD 105 ($75 for seven days plus an additional $30 for three days).

Permit for Manaslu Conservation Area (MCAP): USD $30 per individual
Per person: USD 30 for an Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP).

Information Management System for Trekkers (TIMS): $20 per person.

There is a fee of USD 30 to USD 40 per person per week if you decide to complete the Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek by adding a side excursion to Tsum to your standard Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Thus, specific trekking permits will somewhat raise the cost of the Manaslu Circuit Trek in comparison to other hiking destinations.
Note: Since you already have specific trekking permits, you are not always required to have a TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management System) card for this climb. But you’ll also need to get a TIMS card if you want to travel to other areas, like Annapurna Base Camp.

Cost of Accommodation on Manaslu Circuit trek

The good news is that teahouses on the Manaslu Circuit walk are reasonably priced, with prices starting at around USD 6 to USD 9. This is so because the majority of teahouses generate revenue from food sales rather than from accommodations.

Nearly every tea shop has a deal. You pay less for a one-night stay, receive a better deal on a room, and have breakfast and supper there.
Usually somewhat simple, rooms have twin beds. There are blankets and bedsheets provided. It gets really cold at night, in the morning, and in the evening, so we also advise taking a sleeping bag.

Typically, the dining area is heated by a timber or dung fire, whereas the bedrooms lack heaters.

While most tea houses at low altitude have squat toilets, a few have western toilets.

Cost of Food on Manaslu Circuit trek

Compared to other trekking areas in Nepal, food is a little more expensive on the Manaslu Circuit trek. Food costs a little more since porters or mules must carry all the supplies up to the settlements.

Food at the tea house on the route is usually simple. Nearly every teahouse serves the same cuisine, such as the well-known Daal-Bhat-tarkari from Nepal. The cost of the food was USD 10 each meal on average.

Cost of Snacks on Manaslu Circuit trek

The Manaslu region trail is not well-established, thus there aren’t many stores along the way. Therefore, locations with cafes along the trail are uncommon. However, there aren’t many local stores where you may buy chocolate bars, noodles, biscuits, and other items. You can budget between $5 and $10 each day for snacks, on average.

Cost of Drinks on Manaslu Circuit trek

The price range for tea and coffee is $5 to $10. A bottle of water can cost anywhere between $1 and $4.

Avoiding alcoholic beverages during high-altitude trekking is advised since they raise the possibility of altitude sickness.  However, you can enjoy a celebration drink in Kathmandu after finishing the trek. It would be a fitting way to wrap out a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. A bottle of beer often costs between $5 and $10, depending on the type of eatery.

Cost of Transportation on Manaslu Circuit trek

Buses and jeeps are available for transportation to the trailhead. However, your own feet are your only means of transportation during the hike.

In Nepal, the cost of public transportation is reasonably low. Despite the adage “you get what you pay for,” uncomfortable travel conditions might result from crammed buses and poor seating. However, this is regrettably the reality of public transportation in Nepal.

However, if your money allows, think about investing in a private jeep for added comfort and protection. The more expensive jeeps might offer a more comfortable travel experience.

Local busses from Kathmandu to Soti Khola often run about USD 10 per person. Jeeps are more expensive; they can seat four or five passengers and cost between $150 and $200 each jeep.

Cost of Guide and Porter on Manaslu Circuit trek

Situated in the forbidden trekking area is the Manaslu region. Therefore, traveling with a qualified guide alone is required. Those with extensive experience hiking in Nepal and solid understanding of the terrain and the nation are known as guides.

They’ll help you find your way about and recommend the best places to eat and stay. They’ll support you in times of need as well.

Another option is to pay a porter to assist you with carrying your backpack. They will enable you to travel more comfortably and enjoy your trip more. By employing locals, you are also boosting the local economy. 

These days, guide-porters are also offered. They are the ones that will guide you the entire walk and carry your bags. Hiring a guide-porter will help you avoid incurring additional costs. However, their knowledge is restricted, and occasionally the whole experience may be less enjoyable than employing a porter and a guide.
A professional guide with a license costs between $35 and $40 per day, which includes their meals, housing, and insurance.

Porters pay about $25 USD a day for their meals, housing, and insurance.

The cost of a guide-porter, including meals, housing, and insurance, is approximately USD thirty.

If you’re on a tight budget and want to explore the Short Manaslu Circuit trek on your own, check out this page about it and make plans appropriately. You can’t tour the Manaslu region alone without a guide.

Cost of Travel Insurance on Manaslu Circuit trek

It’s crucial to have travel insurance when trekking in Nepal. Nobody is aware of what could happen when hiking at high altitudes and in the hills. Trekking in the far-flung Himalayan terrain is never without peril.

The cost and coverage of insurance might differ between companies. Emergency medical expenses and helicopter evacuation, as well as travel hazards like traffic jams and misplaced or damaged luggage, must all be covered by the insurance plan.
A 30-day insurance policy will probably set you back between $150 and $200 USD on average. It addresses every common emergency.

Miscellaneous Costs on Manaslu Circuit trek

Other expenses on the Manaslu trek include WiFi, hot showers, and charging your electrical devices. All these services may be offered for free in certain lower altitude tea establishments. However, the majority of teahouses at higher or lower altitudes charge a few more bucks for these supplementary services.

Additionally, monasteries and stupas may ask for a little donation when you visit in order to support the upkeep of the site. Tipping the guide or porter is customary at the conclusion of a hike in Nepal. You can give them tips as a thank you if you’re happy with the service they provide.

You can set aside between $250 and $300 for each of these ancillary services.

Cost of Clothes, Equipment, and Gears on Manaslu Circuit trek

The appropriate attire, gear, and supplies have a significant impact on how comfortably you can hike.

Most days are mild during the Manaslu Circuit hike, but the evenings may get rather chilly. Layering your clothing is therefore crucial. Additionally, two very important items for your packing list should be a sturdy sleeping bag and a good set of hiking boots.

Your expenses for clothing and equipment will be solely determined by the quality you choose to purchase. If you spend money on inferior goods, they could not last until the end of the journey.

The budget may be as little as USD 1500 or as much as USD 2000. This may be significantly less based on the amount of equipment you currently possess.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can also rent down jackets and trekking equipment in Kathmandu for a fair price.

Money Saving Tips for Manaslu Circuit trek

Here are some tips that will help to save lots of money during Manaslu Circuit trek.

The entire bucket shower may not always provide a hot shower and costs between $3 and $5. Therefore, it is not a good idea to strip in order to rinse off in cold water, especially when the temperature is below freezing. Alternatively, you can feel clean and fresh after every hike by using wet wipes.
Some tea shops along the path demand a small fee for WiFi, ranging from $3 to $5. However, you may get a Ncell SIM card with 4GB of data for a month if you want to keep connected while hiking. Be aware that the sim network might not be accessible the entire journey.

Buying groceries, toiletries, and medication while hiking can be a costly endeavor. Therefore, you can purchase in Kathmandu prior to your trek if you want to save a few bucks. Additionally, the route is located in a rural area of Nepal, the prices are high, and there is little variety in the things available.
A liter of water on the Manaslu Circuit path might cost anywhere from $3 to $5. You must consume lots of water if you want to prevent altitude sickness. That’s a lot of money if you drink four liters a day in addition to water. Therefore, you can use water purifying tablets to save money. You will receive free tap water en route.
Solar power provides the majority of the electricity along the walk. Therefore, the majority of teahouses charge between $2 and $3 per hour to recharge your electronics. It is preferable if you go with a power bank.

Final Say

It is the desire of every adventurer to trek to the Manaslu region. It goes without saying that having this desire is not cheap. But you cannot attach a price to your desire.

You desire the ideal encounter and a ton of unforgettable memories!

It’s clear that no two people have the same spending habits. Thus, a lot depends on what you choose to pay for!

Being the top tour operator in the nation, Sherap Expedition and Trekking, will take care of you and your demands as well. Please get in touch with us if you would like further information about us or our trekking packages. We are at your disposal at all times.

I hope that this post on the expense of the 12 Days Manaslu Circuit trek will be very helpful to you as you prepare your spending plan.

Happy hiking!

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