Lola Brooke Height: A Rising Star in the American Rap Scene

Lola Brooke stands at 4 feet 9 inches (145 cm) tall, Lola Brooke has a unimposing height that gives a false representation of her telling stage presence. Her unmistakable light earthy colored hair and enamoring earthy colored eyes supplement her charming persona, making her a conspicuous figure both on and off the stage. Lola keeps a sound way of life, with her physical make-up estimating 32-24-35 inches (81-61-90 cm), demonstrative of her commitment to in general prosperity.

Who is Lola Brooke

Lola Brooke, conceived Shyniece Thomas, is a refined American rapper who acquired conspicuousness in the music business beginning in 2016. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Lola Brooke’s ascent to notoriety advanced with the viral outcome of her hit single “Don’t Play With It” in 2021, which gathered large number of perspectives on stages like YouTube. Past her melodic vocation, Lola Brooke is perceived for her enterprising endeavors, including a product line, and for her dynamic commitment with fans via online entertainment stages like Instagram and TikTok. Her excursion from Brooklyn to worldwide acknowledgment features her devotion to her specialty and her effect on contemporary rap music.

Lola Brooke Early Life and Foundation


Conceived Shyniece Thomas on February 1, 1994, in Brooklyn, New York, Lola Brooke’s melodic excursion started early on. Raised by her mom Teesha following the unfavorable passing of her dad Dennis, Lola found comfort and motivation in music, an enthusiasm sustained by her strong family. Her stage name, Lola Brooke, gives recognition to her Brooklyn roots and the famous person Lola Rabbit.

Lola Brooke Age

Lola Brooke is 29 years of age. She was brought into the world on February 1, 1994, in Brooklyn, New York, US. Her age highlights her excursion from early starting points in music to her ongoing status as an unmistakable figure in the American rap scene.

Lola Brooke Career


Lola Brooke’s climb in the rap scene was set apart by determination and ability. Beginning with composing music at the youthful age of eight, she improved her abilities while adjusting a task as a private helper. Notwithstanding, it was her choice to commit completely to her music vocation that set before her the way to progress. In 2016, Lola endorsed with Group 80 Creations, a critical second that made ready for her presentation music video, “2017 Stream,” delivered in January 2017. The video gathered consideration and laid out Lola as a promising new voice in rap.

Ascend to Acclaim

The defining moment in Lola Brooke’s profession accompanied the arrival of her viral hit, “Don’t Play With It,” in 2021. The track resounded profoundly with crowds, storing up north of 36 million perspectives on YouTube and catapulting Lola Brooke into the spotlight. Her exceptional mix of expressive ability and credibility caught the hearts of fans across online entertainment stages, including Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Imaginative Impact and Style

Lola Brooke’s music mirrors a mix of impacts going from exemplary hip-jump to contemporary rap, exhibiting her flexibility and profundity as a craftsman. Her introduction collection, “Dennis Girl,” honors her late dad and highlights her own excursion through life and music. Lola’s obligation to legitimacy resounds in each track, reverberating with audience members who value crude ability and ardent narrating.

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Lola Brooke Net Worth


Lola Brooke, with an expected total assets of $1 million, represents the monetary achievement accomplished through her ability and devotion in the music business. Ascending from humble starting points in Brooklyn, New York, Lola Brooke’s process highlights her pioneering soul and flexibility, finishing in her conspicuousness as a commended rap craftsman. Her monetary accomplishments mirror her melodic ability as well as feature her essential undertakings in marketing and brand organizations. As she keeps on developing imaginatively and grow her impact, Lola Brooke stays a convincing figure in contemporary music, rousing crowds with her enterprising keenness and creative vision.

Lola Brooke Personal Life 

Past her music, Lola Brooke remains effectively participated in generous endeavors, supporting makes close her heart. She utilizes her foundation to advocate for civil rights and strengthening, mirroring her obligation to having a constructive outcome on society.

Lola Brooke Accomplishments and Acknowledgment

Lola Brooke’s effect on the music business has been perceived with honors like her designation as The Best Craftsman Chosen one at the BET Grants. Her collection incorporates hits like “At the forefront of My Thoughts,” “Here I Come,” and “Simply Unwind,” each adding to her developing fanbase and basic recognition.


Who is Lola Brooke?

Lola Brooke, born Shyniece Thomas, is an American rapper known for her distinctive style and lyrical talent. She rose to prominence in the music industry starting in 2016 and gained widespread recognition with her viral hit single “Don’t Play With It” in 2021.

Where is Lola Brooke from?

Lola Brooke hails from Brooklyn, New York, United States. Her upbringing in Brooklyn has influenced her music and persona, with her stage name paying homage to her roots in the vibrant borough.

How old is Lola Brooke?

Lola Brooke is 29 years old. She was born on February 1, 1994, in Brooklyn, New York, which places her among the younger generation of influential artists in the rap scene.

What is Lola Brooke net worth?

Lola Brooke has an estimated net worth of $1 million, primarily accumulated through her successful music career, merchandise sales, and brand partnerships.


Lola Brooke exemplifies the spirit of determination and artistic excellence that defines contemporary rap music. Her journey from Brooklyn to international acclaim serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and music enthusiasts alike. As Lola continues to evolve creatively and engage with her audience, her influence in shaping the future of rap remains profound and enduring.

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