Evan Hafer Net Worth: From Military to Coffee Entrepreneur

Evan Hafer’s monetary status is assessed to be around $10 million, essentially on account of his possession and income from Dark Rifle Espresso Organization. This organization has turned into a central part in the American espresso industry, with a valuation of about $1.7 billion following its public contribution. Hafer’s prosperity is intently attached to the amazing development and thriving of his espresso business, displaying the two his enterprising abilities and the huge impact of Dark Rifle Espresso in the always advancing American espresso scene.

Evan Hafer Bio

Net Worth$10 Million.
Full NameEvan Hafer.
Birth DateJune 5, 1978.
Age45 years.
Marital StatusMarried.

Who Is Evan Hafer?

Evan Hafer, a previous U.S. Armed force serviceman and the creative psyche behind the flourishing Dark Rifle Espresso, as of now fills in as its CEO. Situated in Salt Lake City, Utah, the organization has seen critical accomplishment under Hafer’s administration. Brought into the world in 1977 in Idaho, USA, Hafer keeps his birthdate hidden, adding a smidgen of interest to his biography.

Presently 56 years of age, Hafer’s excursion into the universe of espresso started during his childhood enjoyed setting up camp with family. The rich smell of espresso during those trips established a long term connection with him. Watching his granddad and father cautiously brew espresso in bottles started a profound interest in Hafer, establishing the groundwork for his future in the espresso business. These familial minutes filled his deep rooted energy as well as made way for his possible endeavor into the business.

Evan Hafer Early Life

Evan Hafer, brought into the world on June 5, 1978, in Bozeman, Montana, was brought up in a family with a solid military ethos. Experiencing childhood in this focused climate imparted in him a feeling of construction that would shape his personality for quite a long time into the future. He sought after his schooling constantly, graduating with distinction in political theory from the College of Idaho, which extended his scholarly skylines.

Following his scholarly interests, Hafer pursued the choice to enroll in the U.S. Armed force. His excursion in the tactical drove him to achieve the renowned position of Green Beret, a demonstration of his commitment and strength. All through his administration, Hafer stayed focused on his obligations, contributing fundamentally to his accomplishments.

Evan Hafer’s biography is an embroidery woven with the strands of discipline, schooling, and enduring military responsibility, bringing about a rich and multi-layered story.

Evan Hafer Education

Growing up encompassed by the stunning scenes of Idaho, Evan Hafer fostered a significant appreciation for two persevering through interests: espresso and nature. Whether he was investigating the picturesque excellence of his environmental elements or basically partaking in some espresso in the midst of nature’s magnificence, these early encounters established the groundwork for his deep rooted relationship with both.

As Hafer set out on his excursion of self-disclosure, his quest for advanced education at Idaho College developed his association with these natural interests. Drawing in with subjects like political theory and government extended his insight as well as given him a strong scholastic foundation.

The consistent mix of Hafer’s liking for espresso, developed in the midst of Idaho’s quiet scenes, and his scholastic interests at Idaho College, in truth him an extraordinary viewpoint. This point of view would later become instrumental in forming his future undertakings, especially in the domains of espresso and outside experiences. The combination of his significant interests and scholastic establishing arose as a main thrust, directing him towards the way he would ultimately step.

Evan Hafer Personal Life

Hafer treasures his protection with regards to family matters, being hitched with two kids, despite the fact that he stays quiet about insights concerning his life partner. Capably exploring the media scene, he’s figured out how to protect his kids from public openness, guaranteeing their security while shuffling his expert responsibilities and individual life from their base in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Beyond his family job, Hafer’s known for his profound energy for hunting, exhibiting his open air abilities. He’s in many cases seen sharing previews of his hunting undertakings via online entertainment, where he collaborates with supporters, offering looks into his astonishing interests.

Notwithstanding his affection for the outside, Hafer is a vocal supporter for Second Change freedoms. Effectively associated with different political causes, he loans his help to issues that impact him. This complex commitment mirrors his devotion to both individual interests and more extensive cultural issues.

Evan Hafer Career

Subsequent to finishing his tactical help, Hafer changed into the regular citizen labor force, taking on worker for hire jobs across various locales. His expert process traversed different businesses, with a striking spotlight on security and knowledge work, which furnished him with a steady kind of revenue.

Notwithstanding finding monetary soundness in his past occupations, Hafer’s energy for espresso endured. Anxious to investigate new open doors, he signed up for a cooking course at the Diedrich Espresso Roaster Assembling Organization in Idaho.

In 2014, jumping all over the opportunity to transform his energy into a flourishing business, Hafer established the profoundly acclaimed Dark Rifle Espresso Organization, gaining practical experience in premium espresso simmering. Past espresso, the organization extended its contributions to incorporate espresso related stock. Its notoriety taken off, drawing in a reliable client base, especially among firearm devotees and inside moderate circles.

Success of Black Rifle Coffee Company Financially

Dark Rifle Espresso Organization has been a critical figure supporting Hafer’s general total assets. From its starting points, the organization’s income has seen consistent development, particularly during the Coronavirus pandemic, while internet shopping soar. The progress of the organization can be credited to a few key factors: areas of strength for a personality, an emphasis on first rate items, and a veritable commitment to social causes. This triumphant mix has not just cemented the organization’s situation on the lookout yet has likewise hit home for purchasers, prompting its proceeded with monetary achievement.

Facts about Evan Hafer:

  • Brought into the world on June 5, 1978, in Bozeman, Montana.
  • Graduated with unique excellence in political theory from the College of Idaho.
  • Served in the U.S. Armed force and accomplished the position of Green Beret.
  • Established Dark Rifle Espresso Organization in 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Evan Hafer’s background?

Hafer grew up in Idaho, served in the military, and later founded Black Rifle Coffee Company.

What led Hafer to start Black Rifle Coffee?

His passion for coffee, nurtured since childhood, and his desire to create a company that reflected his values.

What sets Black Rifle Coffee apart from other coffee brands?

Its commitment to quality, robust brand identity, and dedication to social causes.


Evan Hafer’s excursion from military help to business exhibits his assurance and enthusiasm. Through Dark Rifle Espresso Organization, he has constructed a fruitful business as well as had a tremendous effect in the espresso business. Hafer’s story is one of versatility, development, and an immovable obligation to his qualities.

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