Clay Travis Net Worth and Career: A Comprehensive Overview

Clay Travis is a remarkable figure in American media circles. He wears many caps: sports columnist, previous attorney, and moderate radio and television have. With a net worth around $10 million, he’s certainly done something worth remembering.

Back in 2011, Travis chose to wander into the domain of traditional games news by establishing OutKick. It immediately built up some decent momentum, turning into a go-to hotspot for those looking for a moderate viewpoint on sports. What’s more, in 2021, he ventured into the radio field, co-facilitating “The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show,” which takes special care of a comparative moderate crowd.

Who Is Clay Travis?


Clay Travis is a games media character known for his dubious and unfiltered conclusions. Brought into the world in 1979, Clay experienced childhood in Tennessee and moved on from George Washington College Graduate school. He started his vocation as a games essayist, working for CBS Sports and Fox Sports.

Clay Travis Age


Clay Travis was 45 years old. While he could get up there in age, he doesn’t seem to clarify that things are pulling back. In all honesty, his reputation and accomplishment have quite recently evolved all through the long haul. At this point, Travis has more than 20 years of contribution as a games essayist, lawful guide, and media character added to his collection.

With age every now and again comes shrewdness, and Clayt’s talk and opinions on sports and that is the very thing legislative issues reflect. His groups, both the people who agree and go against him, respect his extreme, unfiltered takes on appropriate issues. While some see him as wild or polarizing, his fans battle that he just communicates without holding back anything others are hesitant about the chance of saying.

As Travis heads into his late 40s and mid 50s, it will be fascinating to check whether he controls a piece of his way of talking or copies down on his image name style. Despite what course he heads, he has recently gotten himself as an obvious and convincing voice in sports media. His age and experience have apparently added to his success and strength.

Clay Travis Early life

Clay Travis was brought into the world in Nashville, Tennessee. His father was a legitimate guide and his mother was an instructor. Travis experienced youth in the suburbs of Nashville, where he cultivated a veneration for sports at an early age. He played baseball and b-ball in optional school and genuinely adored the local games bunches like the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Trackers and Vanderbilt Commodores.

How Clay Travis Constructed His Profession

Clay Travis has made some amazing progress since beginning his games reporting vocation. Back in 2007, he sent off his games blog Outkick the Inclusion which at last developed into a games media organization. Travis developed Outkick through brilliant recruiting, associations and acquisitions.

Change to Radio and television


In 2012, Clay sent off his own show called Outkick the Inclusion. It began as a blog however developed into a public broadcast and digital recording. Clay’s proud style and quick reactions on sports and culture acquired him both gave fans and furious pundits.

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Move to Fox Sports


In 2015, Clay joined Fox Sports as a co-host of Fox Sports Live and Fox Football Everyday. He likewise keeps on facilitating his own public broadcast. Clay is a stalwart Tennessee Vols and Titans fan, however his inclusion stretches out to all games.

Proceeded with Progress and Development

Love him or disdain him, Clay has constructed an effective brand as a games media dissident. His shows and online entertainment stages have a great many devotees. In 2024, Clay’s media organization Outkick is worth more than $100 million, and his own total assets probably surpasses $50 million. Clay credits his regulation degree and innovative soul for his prosperity. At only 44, Clay indicates that things are not pulling back or restraining his brand name style.

Clay Travis Education

Travis procured a four year certification in political theory from George Washington College in 2002. While in school, he composed for the school paper, covering GW Colonials b-ball. Subsequent to graduating, Travis procured his regulation degree from Vanderbilt College in 2006. Despite the fact that he beat the legal defense test, Travis chose not to specialize in legal matters. His actual enthusiasm remained sports reporting.

Beginning of Publishing content to a blog

In the good ‘ol days, Travis expounded day to day on sports, governmental issues and mainstream society. He depended on viral substance and virtual entertainment to fabricate a crowd of people. Outkick acquired prominence for its entertaining and frequently questionable takes.

Venturing into Radio and television


Travis made an interpretation of his publishing content to a blog accomplishment into media valuable open doors. He as of now has the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, a broadly partnered live radio program. He is additionally a successive visitor on Fox Sports and FS1, showing up on shows like Undisputed, The Crowd and Represent Yourself.

Growing a Media Organization

Over the long haul, Travis extended Outkick into an undeniable media organization. They presently have north of 50 representatives and various digital broadcasts, pamphlets, live occasions and an attire line. Outkick keeps procuring different media properties, as of late buying the games blog Terrible Reporting.

Through difficult work, desire and pursuing contention, Clay Travis created a games media vocation and changed Outkick into a multi-stage organization. While some scrutinize his polarizing style, his business keenness and effect on sports media can’t be denied. Love him or disdain him, Clay Travis is a power in the games world.

Online Courses

Travis has made and sells a few internet based video courses showing abilities like games wagering, dream football, and business. These courses are accessible for buy on his site and Udemy, an internet based course commercial center. Income from these instructive items adds to Travis’ total assets.

Speaking Commitment

As a noticeable voice in sports media, Travis is regularly reserved as a speaker at live occasions. Talking charges for appearances at meetings, occasions, and corporate social events make up one more piece of Travis’ total assets. Commitment at a portion of these bigger occasions can order $20,000-$50,000 or more per discourse.


Throughout the long term, Travis has caused a few clever ventures that to have paid off liberally. He was an early financial backer in Barstool Sports, placing cash into the organization before its deal to Penn Public Gaming. Travis likewise put resources into the Coalition of American Football (AAF), a fleeting contender to the NFL. While the AAF collapsed after only one season, Travis’ speculation actually got him a benefit. Savvy ventures like these have supported Travis’ total assets over the long haul.

Does Clay Travis claim Outkick?

Indeed, Clay Travis established Outkick, a games media organization, in 2011. Outkick incorporates a well known site, webcast, online entertainment channels and public broadcast. Travis possesses a huge part of Outkick, and income from the organization makes up a sizable measure of his total assets and yearly pay.

Adolescence Dreams

Travis longed for turning into a games writer since the beginning. He was an energetic author in school and began his own games section in his secondary school paper. According to travis, “since I was a small child, I needed to expound on sports. I followed sports fanatically and cherished perusing columnists like Rick Reilly.”

Clay Travis Personal life


Clay Travis carries on with a confidential individual existence. He has been hitched to his better half, Lara Travis, starting around 2008. Together they have two children, Buck and Blaine. At the point when he’s not working, Clay appreciates investing energy with his family at their home in Nashville, Tennessee. A devoted avid supporter, he additionally loves going to neighborhood games to help groups like the Tennessee Titans and Nashville Hunters.

Beyond work,Clay is known for being a car fan. He possesses a few games vehicles like a Porsche 911 and Mercedes G550. His vehicle assortment is reputed to be worth more than $500,000. An intriguing reality many fans don’t know is that Clay initially needed to be a lawyer. He procured a regulation degree from Vanderbilt College in 2004 however ruled against specializing in legal matters to seek after a profession in sports reporting all things considered.

While Clay keeps the majority of subtleties of his own life private, he imparts a few pieces to devotees via web-based entertainment. Photographs of family relaxes, children’s games, and, surprisingly, an intermittent night out on the town with his significant other show up on his Instagram and Twitter profiles. His interesting persona and eagerness to give fans a brief look into life in the background add to his notoriety and amiability as a media character. In general, when he’s off the clock, Clay appears to have a typical existence based on trust, family, and living at the time.


What is Clay Travis known for?

Clay Travis is known for his multifaceted career in media, spanning sports journalism, radio hosting, and television appearances. He’s recognized for his controversial and unfiltered opinions on sports and politics.

How did Clay Travis start his career?

Travis began his career as a sports writer for CBS Sports and Fox Sports. In 2011, he founded OutKick, a right-wing sports news website, which propelled him into the spotlight of conservative media.

What is Clay Travis’ net worth?

Clay Travis’ net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. His success as a media personality, entrepreneur, and investor has contributed to his financial prosperity.

What are some of Clay Travis’ notable achievements?

Travis’ notable achievements include founding OutKick, co-hosting “The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show,” and building a successful media brand with millions of followers. He’s also made savvy investments, including early stakes in companies like Barstool Sports.

Is Clay Travis’ media company, OutKick, profitable?

Yes, OutKick has grown into a profitable media company valued at over $100 million as of 2024. Travis’ entrepreneurial efforts and strategic decisions have played a significant role in its success.

Does Clay Travis own OutKick?

Yes, Clay Travis is the founder of OutKick and owns a significant portion of the company. OutKick encompasses various platforms, including a website, podcast, social media channels, and a radio show.

What is Clay Travis’ educational background?

Travis earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from George Washington University in 2002 and subsequently obtained a law degree from Vanderbilt University in 2006. However, he decided not to pursue a career in law and instead pursued his passion for sports journalism.


Clay Travis sports media personality will continue raking in the big bucks. With his popular Outkick media brand and other business ventures, Travis has built an impressive career and personal fortune. But beyond the money, his success lies in the strong fanbase he’s cultivated through his unfiltered takes and opinionated style. Love him or hate him, Clay Travis has made a name for himself in sports media. And by the looks of it, he’ll keep on growing his wealth and influence for years to come.

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