How to Choose the Perfect Lawn Suit for Summer Weddings

Summer weddings are a delightful blend of vibrant colors, fresh blooms, and sunny skies. With the warm weather, choosing the perfect attire is essential to stay comfortable while looking elegant. 

Lawn suits, known for their lightweight and breathable fabric, are an excellent choice for such occasions. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you choose the perfect lawn suit for summer weddings.

Understanding Lawn Suits

Lawn suits are made from lawn cloth, a fine plain weave textile known for its lightweight and crisp feel. This fabric is perfect for summer due to its breathability and comfort. 

Lawn suits come in a variety of designs, colors, and styles, making them a versatile choice for different occasions, including weddings.

Consider the Wedding Theme and Venue

Traditional Weddings

For traditional weddings, opt for lawn suits with classic patterns and rich embroidery. Look for designs that incorporate traditional motifs such as paisleys, florals, or geometric shapes. Embellishments like zari work, sequins, and beads can add a touch of elegance.

Modern Weddings

If the wedding has a modern theme, go for contemporary designs and minimalist patterns. Abstract prints, digital designs, and subtle embroidery can give your lawn suit a chic and sophisticated look.

Destination Weddings

For beach or garden weddings, choose light and breezy lawn suits. Floral prints and pastel shades are ideal for these settings, reflecting the natural beauty of the venue.

Choosing the Right Color

Pastel Shades

Pastel shades like mint green, baby pink, lavender, and sky blue are perfect for summer weddings. They are not only soothing to the eyes but also keep you cool under the sun.

Vibrant Hues

If you prefer bold colors, opt for vibrant hues like royal blue, emerald green, or deep maroon. These colors can make a striking statement while still being suitable for a festive occasion.

Neutral Tones

Neutral tones such as beige, cream, and light grey can be an excellent choice for a sophisticated look. Pairing these with colorful accessories can enhance your overall appearance.

Selecting the Fabric

Pure Lawn Cotton

Pure lawn cotton is the most common choice for lawn suits. It is breathable, lightweight, and perfect for hot weather. Ensure the fabric is of high quality to avoid any discomfort.

Lawn Silk

For a more luxurious feel, consider lawn silk. It combines the lightness of lawn with the sheen of silk, giving your outfit an elegant touch.

Blended Fabrics

Blended fabrics, which mix lawn with other materials like chiffon or organza, can offer additional texture and structure to your suit. These blends can be ideal for evening events.

Focus on the Fit

Tailored Fit

A well-fitted lawn suit can enhance your appearance significantly. Opt for a tailored fit that complements your body shape. Ensure that the suit is neither too tight nor too loose, allowing for comfortable movement.

Flowy Silhouettes

Flowy silhouettes, such as A-line or Anarkali styles, can add a touch of grace to your outfit. These styles are particularly flattering and allow for ease of movement, making them perfect for dancing and mingling at weddings.

Pay Attention to the Dupatta

Embroidered Dupattas

An embroidered dupatta can elevate the look of a simple lawn suit. Look for dupattas with intricate embroidery, lace borders, or sequins to add a festive touch.

Printed Dupattas

If your suit is plain or minimally designed, a printed dupatta can add a pop of color and pattern. Florals, paisleys, or geometric prints can enhance the overall look.

Sheer Dupattas

Sheer dupattas made from fabrics like chiffon or net can add an ethereal touch to your outfit. These are lightweight and perfect for summer weddings.

Accessorize Wisely


Choose jewelry that complements your lawn suit. For heavily embroidered suits, opt for minimalistic jewelry to avoid looking overdone. For simpler suits, statement pieces like chandelier earrings or a bold necklace can add a glamorous touch.


Comfort is key when it comes to footwear for summer weddings. Opt for stylish yet comfortable options like block heels, wedges, or embellished flats. Ensure your footwear complements the color and style of your suit.


A matching clutch or potli bag can complete your wedding look. Choose one that is elegant and functional, allowing you to carry your essentials with ease.

Hair and Makeup


For summer weddings, opt for hairstyles that keep your hair off your face and neck. Updos, braids, or half-up-half-down styles can keep you cool and look elegant.


Go for a natural makeup look with a focus on fresh and dewy skin. Use a lightweight foundation, soft blush, and a neutral eyeshadow palette. A pop of color on the lips can add a festive touch.

Final Tips

Comfort is Key

While looking stylish is important, comfort should not be compromised. Choose a lawn suit that allows you to move freely and enjoy the festivities.

Stay Hydrated

Summer weddings can be hot and humid. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the event to stay fresh and energetic.

Confidence is Your Best Accessory

No matter what you wear, confidence is the key to looking your best. Wear your lawn suit with pride and enjoy the celebration to the fullest.

In conclusion, choosing the perfect lawn suit for a summer wedding involves considering the theme, color, fabric, fit, and accessories. By paying attention to these details, you can ensure that you look stylish and feel comfortable throughout the event. Enjoy the wedding season with your perfect lawn suit and make unforgettable memories!

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