Best Clash Royale Goblin Barrel Evolution Deck

Many Clash Royale players struggle against decks that feature air troops, and high elixir cost cards, or have difficulty defending against swarm strategies. This guide presents a solution to these common issues by utilizing the best Goblin Clash Royale deck. If you have not unlocked any card we have given below you can either buy chests with Clash Royale gems or activate Clash Royale Pass,

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Overview of Clash Royale Goblin Barrel Evolution Deck

The Best Clash Royale Goblin Barrel Evolution deck addresses these challenges head-on. It is designed to capitalize on the evolved Goblin Barrel, which deploys two Goblin Barrels—one targeting each tower. The second barrel contains decoy goblins that deal the same damage as regular goblins but have 40% less health. 

This deck includes seven log bait cards to keep your opponents constantly on edge, wasting their spells. With recruits on both sides, wall breakers charging through, and princesses attacking from the river, this deck creates chaos, devouring towers and engulfing opponents.

Key Strengths:

  • Counters air and ground troops effectively.
  • Balanced offense and defense.
  • High synergy between cards to overwhelm opponents.

Card Breakdown and Stats

1. Clash Royale Goblin Barrel (Evolved)

  • Elixir Cost: 3
  • Role: Main damage dealer, offensive pressure.
  • Why It’s Used: The evolved Goblin Barrel unleashes a second barrel with decoy goblins, making it harder for opponents to counter both barrels efficiently.

2. Royal Recruits

  • Elixir Cost: 7
  • Role: Defensive backbone, lane control.
  • Why It’s Used: Provides strong defense and supports the decoy goblins, allowing them to reach their targets.

3. Wall Breakers

  • Elixir Cost: 2
  • Role: Offensive pressure, tower damage.
  • Why It’s Used: High damage and speed to apply pressure on the opponent’s towers, complementing the Goblin Barrel.

4. Princess

  • Elixir Cost: 3
  • Role: Support, long-range attack.
  • Why It’s Used: Provides constant chip damage from a distance and forces the opponent to use spells inefficiently.

5. Goblin Clash Royale Gang

  • Elixir Cost: 3
  • Role: Swarm defense, and support.
  • Why It’s Used: Effective against ground troops and provides support for your main pushes.

6. Dark Goblin Clash Royale

  • Elixir Cost: 3
  • Role: High damage, fast attack.
  • Why It’s Used: Quick damage dealer that can support both offense and defense efficiently.

7. Rascals

  • Elixir Cost: 5
  • Role: Tank and support.
  • Why It’s Used: The combination of the Rascal boy and girls provides a tanky frontline with supportive ranged damage.

8. Log

  • Elixir Cost: 2
  • Role: Spell, crowd control.
  • Why It’s Used: Essential for clearing small troops and controlling the battlefield.

Average Elixir Cost

This deck has an average elixir cost of 3.4, making it a moderately fast deck that excels in quick, overwhelming attacks and maintaining constant pressure on the opponent.

Winning Strategy

Opening Moves

Start with passive plays like placing a Princess at the back or splitting Royal Recruits. This allows you to gauge your opponent’s deck and respond accordingly.

Mid-Game Tactics

During the mid-game, focus on maintaining control. Use your log bait cards to force out spells from your opponent, then capitalize on their spell cooldowns with your main pushes. Key combos include:

  • Goblin Barrel + Wall Breakers
  • Royal Recruits + Princess

Late-Game Finisher

In the late game, double down on your aggressive strategies. Cycle through your cards quickly to keep constant pressure. Use evolved Goblin Barrel strategically to surprise your opponent and deal significant damage to their towers.

Tips and Tricks

Elixir Management

Efficient elixir management is crucial. Avoid overcommitting unless you have a solid elixir advantage. Always be prepared to defend against counter-attacks.

Countering Popular Decks

To counter common meta decks, adapt your strategy based on the opponent’s cards. For example, against decks with heavy spells, spread out your troops to minimize spell value.


Be flexible with your approach. If the opponent is heavily defending one lane, switch your focus to the other lane to catch them off-guard.

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